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About Us

Tyler, Bear, and JT

Rocky Mountain SUP is in its second year on Grand Lake. We started last year with an entrepreneurial spirit and a crazy idea to make Grand Lake a paddle boarding destination with its scenic mountain and wild life views. We are looking forward to introducing certified instructor led lessons to our guests this summer as well as a few other events in the making. Our goal is to help spread love for paddle sports in a safe and fun environment and to provide visitors to Grand Lake with an experience they can build on for years to come. 

Coming soon, pictures on the water and of our pup and mascot #GatsbytheGreat.

Meet Our Staff

JT Piribek ACA certified instructor and co-owner

JT has been involved in water sports his whole life with his mom believing he was a fish whenever they were near water. At a young age he took his boogie board way offshore of Hilton Head Island, wind surfed a couple miles offshore in Aruba (not on purpose) and would do just about anything to spend a weekend on a lake skiing, wakeboarding or kneeboarding. In recent years he has spent free time sea kayaking, paddle boarding and racing sail boats in Charleston. He has had the opportunity to paddle board in the mangrove forests of south Florida and the estuaries and marshes of South Carolina. Stand up paddling is such an exciting new sport as the possibilities to participate in it are endless: flat water paddling, river rapids, fishing, SUP Yoga, fitness and more.


Tyler Piribek ACA certified instructor and co-owner

Growing up in a coastal community in the Lowcountry, Tyler has been surrounded by water her entire life. A strong connection with the outdoors fueled by adventure led her and her family westbound from Charleston, South Carolina to Colorado. Since moving to Grand County her favorite experience on the water has been venturing to Wyoming to SUP in the rapids on the Snake River.

History of SUP

For as long as people have lived near water, societies throughout history have found various ways to move on it.  The sport and recreation of stand up paddleboarding is relatively new, but the concept of standing and paddling is not.  In southeast Asia, societies have utilized wooden planks and poles to move about rice paddies to tend to their crops for centuries.  Fisherman in Peru, utilizing reed boats, would find some relief at the end of a long day by using their boats and paddles to ride waves while standing.  In more recent history, surfers in Hawaii would use their outrigger paddles to reach surf breaks further offshore.  In 2001 the first stand up specific paddle was ordered and since then the sport has exploded.